Body Altitudes

Your Destination Gym

Body Altitudes is a holistic based mobile health & fitness service. Whether you are new to exercise, returning from time away, or a seasoned athlete; you will find Experience, Education and Enthusiasm in our team. Bring Body Altitudes to you for Personal Training, Nutrition Coaching and Mental Wellness. Our unique approach to wellness offers far more than fitness & nutrition coaching, group exercise classes, and lifestyle counseling. Our team of professional and certified fitness coaches/instructors who are glad you are here; eager to see you succeed; and ready to share their knowledge with you. At Body Altitudes, “healthy” is not defined as size small, rippling biceps, or a number on the bathroom scale. Rather, we define “healthy” as a composition of the mind, the body, and soul. True health occurs when each of these components is fit -positive, active, productive and working in sync to stay that way. Our “destination gym” is a culture that is customized to your lifestyle, location and needs. Body Altitudes, it’s personal…because it’s all about your limitless goals. Let us Elevate & Empower—Come Fly with Us at Body Altitudes Health& Fitness.